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Table of Contents, Issue #11

Welcome to Flytrap #11, the first (we hope) issue in the revival of our ‘zine. It’s full of wonders and pleasures; enjoy.

Table of Contents


The Authenticator by Greg van Eekhout
On the Banks of the Fall Creek by William Akin
Rocket Summer by Sarah Grey
The Secret Diary by Cassie Alexander
The Island of White Houses by Alisa Alering
The Girl at the Edge of the Sea by Melissa Marr
Lighting Candles by Stephanie Burgis
The Philiad by Dominica Phetteplace
The Sea City Six by Jenn Reese
The Pickup Artist at the End of the World, Plus Stuffed Bunny by Jessica May Lin

POEMS by Megan Arkenberg

The Signatory
The Prince’s Heart Has Seven Doors
For a Wanderer


Life Among the Obliterati: Everything’s Gone by Nick Mamatas
Words & Stuff: Stuff and Nonsense by Jed Hartman
Mars Needs Music by Brian M. Rosen

All the artwork for this issue is by Aislinn Quicksilver Harvey. More of her delightful drawings can be found at http://aqharvey.blogspot.com.

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