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Flytrap is a little magazine of fantastic (and fantastical) fiction, poetry, and other things, edited by Heather Shaw & Tim Pratt. Ideally we publish two issues a year, one in spring, one in fall.

From 2003-2008, we published ten issues of Flytrap, and included stories, poems, and essays by writers like Barth Anderson, Christopher Barzak, Elizabeth Bear, Stephanie Burgis, Haddayr Copley-Woods, Alan DeNiro, Jeffrey Ford, Theodora Goss, Daphne Gottlieb, M.K. Hobson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Jay Lake, Jen Larsen, Kristin Livdahl, Nick Mamatas, Melissa Marr, David Moles, Sarah Monette, Sarah Prineas, Jenn Reese, M. Rickert, Benjamin Rosenbaum, David J. Schwartz, Steve Rasnic Tem, Lavie Tidhar, Catherynne M. Valente, Jeff VanderMeer, Greg van Eekhout, Ray Vukcevich, Leslie What, and even more amazingly talented people, if such a thing can be believed.

Then we went on hiatus, because we had a kid, and little kids cut into one’s zine-editing time. But now that he’s in kindergarten, we find ourselves with a little free time… so here we are, in 2014, reborn. Enjoy.

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