Our auspicious beginnings.

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Issue 1 of Flytrap debuted in October 2003 at the World Fantasy convention.

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"Scrapbook for an Epidemic" by Barth Anderson

"Rain" by Gabriel Edson

"Ladybug Summer" by Susan Marie Groppi

"Carving" by Derek James

"Never, Inc." by Michael J. Jasper

"Like Cherries in the Dark" by Jay Lake

"Sifting in the Dust" by Jen Larsen

"Spidergirl", Jenn Reese

"She Is Elizabeth Lynn Rhodea" by Karina Sumner-Smith

"Fishing, I Go Among Them" by Greg van Eekhout

(And, perhaps, additional fiction-like things by special guests and hubristic squatters)


"Indestructible" and "Wolf, with Saint" by Alan DeNiro

"boring things the living do" by Daphne Gottlieb

"The Elder Daughter's Tale" by Tracina Jackson-Adams

"Make Your One Night Stand Last Forever with Voodoo" by Jen Larsen

"New Blood" by Sonya Taaffe

"Desire" by Maria Garcia Tabor

"Volvo to the Beach" by Jay Wentworth


Life Among the Obliterati, a column by Nick Mamatas

Reviews by Tim Pratt & Heather Shaw

Automatic Writing

Plus artwork, photographs and unclassifiable oddities and (probably) surprise treats.

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