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Flytrap 2 was released to great acclaim and karaoke fanfare at Wiscon over Memorial Day weekend, May 2004.

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Here's the line-up for issue #2:


"Hide-and-Seek," Stephanie Burgis

"Kank’s Last Breath," Michael Canfield

"The Labyrinth Tourist," Rudi Dornemann

"Death and Crow, Alone," Tracina Jackson-Adams

"Ginny’s Death," Kristin Livdahl

"The Ideas," David Moles

"The Lambton Worm," Sarah Prineas

"Born of Bones," Jenn Reese

"You’re Never Insane Girl Twice," John Sullivan


"I Want to Know," Peg Duthie

"Another Tuesday Night in Transylvania," Jon Hansen

"A reading from the Acts of the Apostles. Verse-the-first through to Verse-the-last. All rise." Jen Larsen

"Ganymede Writes," Mark Rudolph

"The Stardust -- 1968," Mikal Trimm

"Each Year I Return: New York City, Gay Pride," Sharon Wachsler

"Erzsébest á l'hôtel de Danemark, 1777," Lucy A. E. Ward

"Cleaning Up After the Crash," Steven Withrow


"The Lurking Shibboleth," Jed Hartman

"Firefly Champagne," Sean Klein

Life Among the Obliterati #2: "All Advice Is Terrible Advice, Plus Other Useful Advice," Nick Mamatas

Plus photographs, artwork, reviews, excerpts from the Book of Dead Beginnings, Automatic Writing, and perhaps other things as well.

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