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Flytrap 3 premiered over Hallowe'en 2004 at the World Fantasy Convention.

Here's the line-up for issue #3:


"Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Elizabeth Bear

"Master Kwang and the Hungry Ghost" by Gerald Costlow

"The Dying Dream of Water" by Jay Lake

"Hooked on a Feeling" by Deborah Layne

"The Wind Knew Her Name" by K. Bird Lincoln

"Holding Your Lone Star" by Simon Owens

"Night Waking" by Benjamin Rosenbaum

"Swallowed By The Shadow" by Mikal Trimm


"Milochael," "Hunting Season," "Before Leviathan," and "Misrule" by featured poet Sonya Taaffe.


Life Among the Obliterati #3: "Death, Death, DEATH to Star Wars," by Nick Mamatas

Wham! Bam! Pow!, comics column by Erin Donahoe.

Plus photographs by Jenn Reese, reviews, excerpts from the Book of Dead Beginnings, Automatic Writing, and perhaps other things as well.

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