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Flytrap, the twice-yearly 'zine from Tropism Press, features fiction, poetry, automatic writing, reviews, essays, and assorted oddities. It's like a wunderkammer, in text form, between cardstock covers.

Flytrap 4 premiered over Memorial Day weekend 2005 at WisCon.

(Click the cover for a larger version of the image.)

Here's the line-up for issue #4:


"Flight to L.A.," by Michael Canfield

"Holt," by Jeffrey Ford

"The Belt," by Theodora Goss

"The Lizard of Ooze," by Jay Lake

"Pixie on a Pin," by Melissa Marr

"In the Woods," by Karen Meisner

"Three Creations," by Jeremy Adam Smith

"On the Blindside," by Sonya Taaffe

"The Secret Life of Librarian Bob Scheffel," by Jeff VanderMeer

Poems by Featured Poet Daphne Gottlieb:

"animal magnetism"

"please read silently while I read aloud"

"because property crimes are not defined as acts of violence"

"what i am asking you for when i ask you for breakfast"


Life Among the Obliterati #4: "Makin' a Living," by Nick Mamatas

Words & Stuff: Epicene Ycleptions, by Jed Hartman

Plus reviews, excerpts from the Book of Dead Beginnings, Automatic Writing, and perhaps other things as well.

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