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Flytrap, the twice-yearly 'zine from Tropism Press, features fiction, poetry, automatic writing, reviews, essays, and assorted oddities. It's like a wunderkammer, in text form, between cardstock covers.

Flytrap 6 premiered at the World Fantasy Convention in November 2006 -- and now you can buy your very own copy!


Issue #6, November 2006
US & Canada: $6


International: $8


(Click the cover for a larger version of the image.)

Here's the line-up for issue #6:


"419 Memoirs," by Michael Canfield

"The High Chair," by Steve Rasnic Tem

"When We Slew Dragons," by Jennifer Schwabach

"Corn," by Elise Moser

"The After-Life," by Jan Wildt

"Discovery's Wake," by M.K. Hobson

"Grandma Charlie and the Wolves," by David J. Schwartz

"The Sun Diary," by Lavie Tidhar

Poems by Featured Poet Jon Hansen

"Seven Songs the Fantasy Writer Sings to His Newborn Baby"

"The Goblin Party"

"Universal Language"

"The Laundromat Advances the Plot"


Life Among the Obliterati #6: "MFA Cliché," by Nick Mamatas

Words and Stuff: "Overstressed, Understressed," by Jed Hartman

Plus reviews, excerpts from the Book of Dead Beginnings, and etc.

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