Show and Tell and Other Stories

A small collection by Greg van Eekhout


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Greg van Eekhout
Tropism Press

This intermittently illustrated chapbook collects six stories by the Nebula-nominated writer, including an original story, "Far As You Can Go." And also? There are story notes by the author. Not to mention a squid on the cover.

The chapbook premiered at Worldcon, the big annual gathering of science fiction fans, held in Anaheim, California, August 23-27, 2006.

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Here's the table of contents. (A couple of the stories are available free online. You can go read them. Go ahead. We're not greedy.)

Greg van Eekhout spent his early childhood in Venice, California, where he fed sand crabs to sea anemones and was occasionally attacked by the family chickens. At the age of seven, he moved to Culver City, a short block away from the movie studio where Citizen Kane and the original King Kong were filmed. He now works as an instructional designer and educational technologist in suburban Phoenix, where one can still find traces of thousand-year old irrigation canals or the odd Colombian mammoth.